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On my YouTube channel you will find various videos in direct support of articles on this web site but also videos in support of entries on my other web site ( There are also one or two quirky videos which don’t really fit neatly anywhere.

Videos are listed chronologically, in the order they were uploaded, the most recent first –

21 –  Improvised Cooker – Washing Machine Drum
video category: Improvised equipment
Short video of how to use a washing machine drum as a cooker


20 –  White Water Safety and River Rescue
video category: Adventure
Short video of a casualty being rescued, from the casualties perspective.


19 –  The Reluctant Swarm
video category: Beekeeping
Strange swarm behaviour captured on video


18 –  Stinkhorn fungus (phallus impudicus)
video category: Allotmenteering / Fungus
Stinkhorn fungus growing naturally on my allotment. Recognition features at all stages of growth.


17 –  Collecting swarms using a home-made swarm/bee vac
video category: Beekeeping
This video explains the equipment and also includes two examples of the vac in use, including a two queen swarm.


16 –  A swarm arrives at a ‘Bait’ hive – video A
video category: Beekeeping
A swarm of bees arriving, and occupying, a specially prepared ‘bait’ hive on an allotment shed roof, in Calderdale, in the Yorkshire Pennines, England.


15 -Setting up a bait hive using foundation free frames
video category: Beekeeping
This clip is taken from the video below (A swarm arrives at a bait hive – video B) and shows the part where I set up a new bait hive using mixed frames.


14 – A swarm arrives at a ‘Bait’ hive – video B
video category: Beekeeping
Video of a huge swarm of bees arriving, and occupying, a specially prepared ‘bait’ hive in an apiary in Calderdale, in the Yorkshire Pennines, England. See if you can spot the queen arriving. The video also shows the setting up of a bait hive using foundation free frames.


13 – Traditional Kurdish Reed Screen Making
video category: Traditional skills, Beekeeping
Examples of nomadic reed screens and how to make them. Filmed at the Kurdish Textile and Cultural Museum.


12 – Making and Using Foundation Free Frames
video category: Beekeeping
Construction and use of home made foundation free super and brood frames for a ‘National’ hive.


11 – Digging Up Rhubarb
video category: Allotment
This is part ONE of two videos dealing with rhubarb forcing techniques and shows how easy it is to dig up rhubarb.


10 – Forcing Rhubarb In A Barrel
video category: Allotment
In direct support of ‘Rhubarb Forcing Techniques’ article on this web site.
This is part TWO of two videos dealing with rhubarb forcing techniques and outlines the method of forcing rhubarb, in winter, by using a barrel in a greenhouse.


9 – Flooding In Calderdale, Yorkshire, Boxing Day 2015
video category: Event / Allotment /Beekeeping / Boating
How one man, a beekeeper, narrow boat owner, and allotment grower, spent his day during the floods in the Upper Calder Valley, Yorkshire, England, on 26th December 2015, Boxing Day.
The Calder River steadily rose, exceeding the ‘once in a life time’ floods of 2012, and bursting its banks, causing extensive flooding in Walsden, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge and everything inbetween.


8 – How To Make ‘Tusky’ (rhubarb) Porridge
video category: Recipe
In direct support of ‘How To Make Tusky Porridge’ article on this web site.


7 – The World Gravy Wrestling Championship
video category: Bonkers Event


6 – Hive Frame Carrier
video category: Beekeeping
In direct support of ‘Home Made Back-pack Frame Carrier’ article on this web site.


5 – Making A Hand Raised Pork Pie
video category: Recipe


4 – Ice on the River Ouse, at Linton Lock,  near York
video category: Boating
A cold wintery trip down the river Ouse to York involved an encounter with some lovely ice.


3 – A Mouse Builds Its Nest In A Bee Hive
video category: Beekeeping
Not only did it build its nest in a double nuc, it built it in a hive I thought was rodent proof. You would think that, being beekeeper, that I would be used to being out flanked by nature.


2 – Growing Pea Shoots
video category: Allotment / Recipe
In direct support of the ‘Growing Tasty Pea Shoots’ article on this web site.


1 – Tom Pudding Hoist
video category: General Interest / History
We just happened to be sailing past in a barge, and so enjoyed a perspective not usually experienced by fellow fans of incredible Victorian technology (with unbelievable names).


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