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I have been making things from beeswax for years, just for friends, family, and for fun. Now I have decided to sell some of my products and I have started with Zip-slick, a beeswax rich lubricant for zips.

I want to add value to British beeswax, both in the eyes of the public and in the minds of beekeepers. It is a fantastic resource which has a history of usage, in all cultures, going back thousands of years. There is no modern, manufactured equivalent of beeswax. There’s only one place to get beeswax, and that’s from bees. I get mine from my bees. I also believe we should be using natural materials in place of man-made and hopefully ZIP-slick will displace a few aerosol cans of silicone spray.

Fresh beeswax with the proud makers


Raw beeswax, waiting to be magically transformed into Zip-slick


How’s It Made?

Organic beeswax is blended with natural and edible, food grade ingredients to make a silky, semi-hard, dry zip lubricant. Locally sourced British beeswax is its main ingredient. It is biodegradable and is made wholly from ingredients sourced in Britain (in Yorkshire actually). The beeswax is from my own hives in the Pennines. Nature has provided us with the perfect lubricant that contains natural oils produced by bees and which will lubricate, seal, and protect your zipper. It will repel water and mud. Zip-slick is kind to zips, to equipment, to skin, and to the environment. There is no man-made alternative to beeswax, no scientific substitute.

It is soft enough to rub onto a zip, but not so soft that it will gather sand or other debris. Its purpose is to ensure smooth running and to rejuvenate rough or sticky zips quickly.


Who makes it?

Made by Andrew Lane – Adventurer, mountaineer, survival expert (and author of ‘Survival Advantage’), ex-outdoor pursuits instructor, ex-diver, ex-search and rescue team, former-Royal Marine, bee keeper).

The idea for ZIP-slick arose from an incident where a borrowed dry suit failed to seal properly, and an early immersion resulted in a wet and cold individual (me) for the rest of the day, on an icy, winter, Pennine river. A dry suit, no matter how expensive, is useless if the zip fails to do its job. Beeswax was traditionally used by those suspicious of man made alternative, to ease the stubborn zip. On that day the cold conditions, equipment and hands made the job a long one, with lots of rubbing and tugging. The standard shape of the beeswax block (ingot) didn’t help either. I decided to create my own, to make the process faster and more efficient, and I shared it with paddlers, rafters, divers, and motor bikers, to see what they thought.


What and who is it for?

Created originally for the dry suits zips of divers, paddlers, white water rafters, and water adventurers, but is equally suitable for any outdoor zip exposed to water, or to the weather. Used by motorcyclists on boots and leathers. Excellent for use also on any outdoor zip such as is found on tents, rucksacks, sports bags, kiddies coats, etc.

Zip-slick also helps to protect metal zips from oxidisation and corrosion, ensuring smooth running and a long life (of the zip, not you sadly).

Perfect for easing and sealing drysuits


Fine casual wear zips can be a little sticky or jerky.



ZIP-slick product instructions: PDF



I know of the following successful applications of ZIP-slick:

            dry suits

            wet suits

            motor cycle leathers and boots

            waterproofs (jackets and leggings)

            duvet jackets




            fashion boots

            fashionable jackets

            kiddies coats

            narrow-boat pram hoods

            antique sports cars




Ebay listing for ZIP-Slick



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