Emails in July – Plant Pot Diary

A collection of one liners extracted from emails, during July, to grower friends around the country, as we compare notes, and share our news and excitement. Compiled into a single list, as a snap-shot of July.


Morning Percy
Peas for tea …………… again!
The rhubarb has finished (thank goodness).
Have you tried rhubarb leather?
My onions, those that have survived the ruddy birds and slugs, are deformed – really hideous looking gnarled leaves – proper chimeras. 
I managed two gallons of gooseberry and rhubarb chutney (may have overdone it?)
Took your advice and lopped the blighted spuds down to stumps. 
The apples all dropped off in winds.
Run out of jam jars.
You will get grapes if you run some branches into a greenhouse.
Red chard went straight to seed, so done some more.
The courgettes and cucumbers have been suspiciously quiet though. I daren’t turn my back on them.
My pingers going, only an hour to go.
Collected my first parsnip seed (Tender and True).
Once again, if we lived near one another, we could fill the market stall with our efforts. 
Barrels down to an inch of water (but still maintaining their own eco system).
The tomato tsunami is imminent.
Pruning the squash with a machete. Expect to find monkeys living in there.
The saffron you gave me hasn’t done anything.
I used a couple of recipes yesterday that were in pounds and ounces and I can’t tell you the pleasure it gave me to weigh things in old money for a change – simple things eh.
The grapes are teasing me.
There was a big cat on my allotment yesterday, digging things up and shitting in my brassicas.
Bottling the marrow wine soon. It tastes lovely.
Garlic is drying, and the poly tunnel experiment is a big success.
Is your new greenhouse up yet?
Here is the link for the Cassis recipe.
Missing the strawberries, I need some late ones like yours.
Apple Sage jelly made last night, Apple Rosemary jelly to go on this afternoon. 
The ruddy rabbit was back last night .
Made some furniture polish from beeswax, even though I don’t have any furniture.
Thank you for the honey.
Save some raspberry liqueur for me please.
The golden beetroots need pickling.
Lost both my secateurs for a week (really irritating), and my favourite mug.
Gooseberry and ginger chutney today.
Donated pampas grass is in flower, expecting ravers by the coach load.
Blackbirds spared me this year, somebody else’s turn!
My big pan holds 3kg and its still not big enough.
Mole catching cat not as professional as we thought (easily distracted from duties).
Can’t find any frilly jam jar covers anywhere? Nightmare!
Mouse invasion repelled for now. 2nd wave assembling under next doors chicken sheds in little armoured cars.
Pot marigolds have self-seeded all over, and look wonderful, but Borage is still shy.
I use my Mums old pressure cooker pan, but the handle is extremely dodgy
Bought a new saw, what a difference?
I didn’t realise 6inch nails were so expensive, are they made of gold?
Good job my friends and family like the preserves!
Got another pallet.
I do love a good mushroom, find them very ethereal and other worldly. 
Those seeds you gave me came up. Have you remembered what they are yet?
Have the hippy mafia taken over your allotments yet?
This afternoon I’m making gooseberry fool.
When can I move pulminaria now, do you know?




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