About this web site – what you can expect

If you are looking for a slick web site which specialises in one thing, and is well ordered, logical and tidy …. this probably isn’t it!

If you are interested different things, in collections of curiosities, then maybe you are in the right place, or in one of the right places, or perhaps have found a stepping stone on the way to the right place. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this.

It’s mainly allotment subjects and beekeeping but the site also reflects some of my other interests, such as food history, recipes, and Kurdistan. I also enjoy photography and include a few small galleries, mainly of daft stuff I’ve seen on my travels.. Oh and I reserve the right to inflict my terrible poetry on you at any time.

By the way there’s an automatic glossary which highlights new, unfamiliar or technical words the first time they appear on a page. If you hover your mouse over such a word then the definition will pop-up. There’s a list of all the words currently added to my glossary in the ‘Glossary’ menu above. I add more each time I write an article. I tend to favour my own definitions, which are not necessarily the same as the Oxford English Dictionary.

On the left hand side there’s a list of articles I’m currently working on, collecting images for, making videos about, or recipe experiments. It’s a ‘work in progress’ list and there’s no telling which one which will reach completion first. Sometimes I suddenly start work on other ideas, and publish almost immediately, which then pushes the other stuff down the list a bit. I publish between one and three pieces per month, in my spare time, either on this web site, or on my YouTube channel. Its just gives you an idea of what is coming, but articles not listed on the left may just suddenly appear if something suddenly grabs my interest.

I hope you find something interesting, fun and/or educational.

So what’s on this web site?



I aim for self-sufficiency on my allotment. You’ll notice that I used the word ‘aim’. I’ll never be completely self-sufficient because you can’t grow fish and chips, and courgettes will never, ever be an adequate substitute (for anything actually), but I do my best.

I only started a few years ago, from scratch, on a small strip of rubble filled disused land beside a car park, and then I was lucky to get an allotment. So I’m definitely not an expert, and anything I confidently state as fact should be immediately compared to what experts or small children think. With nobody to show me how to go on, I do lots of interesting experiments, and make many mistakes, but it’s all good fun, and even the failures can still be edible (if you boil them for long enough, and you like stews).
I really love my allotment.




As with allotmenteering, I only started beekeeping a few years ago but things are going in the right direction at last, after a stressful start (which lasted for over two years). I started by collecting all the relevant manuals, old and new, but it took years to realise that the bees don’t read any of them, and do exactly what they like (sometimes deliberately in my opinion). We seem to see eye to eye now (most of the time) and things are getting easier year by year. I’m pretty relaxed about most things now but you can never let your guard down with the little blighters.

I repair and make my own hives, catch swarms, and experiment with hives and techniques.

I also continue the ancient English tradition of telling my news to the bees, or as my mate calls it “Talking to a wooden box in a field”.

I’ve never been quite sure if I am keeping bees, or they are keeping me.


Other stuff on the site includes recipes, food history, traditional skills, trips and travels, poetry, and anything which takes my fancy really. You can get a rough idea from the categories list to the left of this page.

Many of the subjects on this web site are supported by videos on YouTube where I have my own YouTube channel.

Click here to go to my YouTube channel

Relevant links to videos are provided in each article, and are also summarised under the ‘YouTube videos’ menu above. This also includes videos which aren’t in any way linked to postings on this web site. You never know, I might not be the only one in the world who is interested in the Tom Pudding Hoist at Goole. I came across a widget which allows me to display my latest video in the sidebar on the left so that you can have a quick peek if you want.

For fellow beekeepers I have gathered together all relevant links for articles and videos so that you can see what subjects are available without doing searches. Go to the ‘Beekeeping’ menu at the top of the page..

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures and videos on this web site were taken by me, and all written content was generated by me. There’s nobody else to blame.

Please feel free to contribute to any article, or to leave comments on this web site, or on any YouTube video.

Have fun!


p,s, I have another web site called Kippers and Cobblers, which specialises in researching traditional British foods.


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