An email in June – Plant Pot Diary


A collection of one liners sent in emails, in June, to grower friends around the country, as we compare notes, and share our news and excitement.
Compiled into a single list, as a snap-shot of June.


Rain, rain, lots of lovely rain.
Closing the cracks, and filling the barrels.
My first tomato is nearly ripe … just one!
Your carnation is out.
Eating fresh fruit pudding with evaporated milk every night .
15 jars of strawberry jam done (I only got 3 last year).
Early broad beans shouting to be picked.
Sweet corn 3ft high and bursting to the sky.
Ate my first swede (a bit disappointing).
Gooseberries arching over onto the floor (chutney imminent).
Tiny cucumbers, still clinging onto their little yellow flowers (gherkins distant).
The wrens have finished nesting in my scarecrow (slightly insulting)
I’m sick of pot grown, Christmas planted, new potatoes (winter giddiness is still a problem).
Fuchsia cuttings finally pronounced dead!
Blackcurrants green, but huge (blackbirds with covetous eyes)
Squash bullying their way across the poly tunnel floor.
Early un-eaten lettuce gone to flower (but more seeded).
Too many spring onions (again).
Not enough parsley (again).
Mints rampant (are they ever anything else).
Onions fantastic, and squeak when you brush against them.
Outdoor spuds flowering.
Accidentally nipped the top off a tomato plant (idiot).
Asparagus is still useless and will dig it up in winter.
A new cat in houses nearby loves catching moles.
Greenhouse dripping with tiny grapes.
The honeysuckle arch blew down.
New flowers from the cricket club plant swap look fantastic.
(Wheel barrow full of pampas grass might be a mistake).
Old English peas are 7ft high and flowering.
Nasturtiums nock your eye out.
Red chard has decided it likes it where I put it (at last).
Cape gooseberries in flower.
About to pick my first curly kale leaves.
Are the pigeons still nibbling your brassicas?
I have my very own, very first lupin flower
The bees are swarming.
That impulse buy pear tree is still a mistake, but growing wonderfully (typical)
As is my useless/fruitless Mediterranean collection (olive and fig)
Sunflowers 8ft tall and making flowers.
Leeks being pathetic.
Angelica heavy with seed. I forgot to candy it again (3 years running now).
My ancient wheel barrow has a puncture.
Clematis on the shed is resplendent.
Mice nibbling my peas, but the traps will nibble them.
Bought a really good spade on the flea market for three quid
(I didn’t actually need another spade, but three quid?)
Nearly finished making another two beds out of old builders bags.
And temporarily winning the battle against the sneaky wilderness.
Did you sort your shed?
New crab apple has done its job.
Got given some lovely, short, galvanised metal railing off cuts.
And another wooden pallet.
I love it.
Do you need any teasel seedlings?




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